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It’s been said good things come to those who wait, but if you ask me, I believe good things happen to those who follow their dreams, work their asses off and never give up.Case in point: Daniel Kirch, better known as Daniel Jonas.You may know this young entrepreneur as the creator of the “New F*ckin’ York" clothing collection. What you probably didn’t know is that Daniel went from a humble beginning in a small German town to launching his own fashion label in New York City, all because of a hat, a hamburger and a little bit of luck. While crashing on his friend Jonas’ couch, Daniel created a “New F*ckin’ York”... Read more

Growing up in a small village in Germany, Daniel Kirch had never really heard of Louis Vuitton or Gucci. That was until he moved away from his hometown five years ago. Daniel Jonas, pursued academia at WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Germany, one of the top schools in Europe. All of his friends landed in investment banking, consulting or at a tech company, which makes where he's sitting now even less likely: at the front row of New York Fashion Week. The 25-year-old is the man behind the "New F*cking York" clothing line, whose brand you may have seen imitated in a city near you. Now that Daniel has gotten his foot in the door, he has to decide what to do with it. "You have two ways to go," he told A Plus. "You put it on everything: hats, phone cases, shirts, or you have a Ralph Lauren type logo that when you see it on a shirt it stands for quality... Read more

Within a few short weeks this 25-year-old went from couch surfing to front row at New York Fashion Week. Talk about hard work, motivation and never giving up. Meet Daniel Kirch, better known as Daniel Jonas. Daniel is an entrepreneur and founder of the Daniel Jonas label. All because of a hat, a hamburger and a little bit of luck this humble being went from living in a small German town to launching his own fashion label in New York City. Daniel was living on a friend’s couch in NYC when he and his friend went to lunch one afternoon. He was wearing the “New Fuckin’ York” hat he created when he offered an uneaten hamburger to thstranger next to him. It turns out this stranger was a Super Bowl executive that loved the hat so much he invited Daniel to the Direct TV Super Bowl afterparty hosted by Jay-Z... Read more 

[...] Asked how the fashion scene in New York is different from that of the European capitals[...] there certainly was a laissez-faire attitude among the partygoers like the actor-singer-model Zoë Kravitz, the New York Giants’ Victor Cruz and the Los Angeles Lakers’ Nick Young. [...] Asked whether he had a moment to spare for a reporter, Mr. Young shook his head. Mr. Cruz and Ms. Kravitz similarly brushed off any official conversation. Who could blame them? “It’s good hip-hop music, and everybody stands on a table and parties,” said Daniel Jonas, owner of a namesake label that sells high-end baseball caps with phrases like “New Freakin’ York” stitched across the front. “This is what Public School is about.”


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